CGI Motorsports

A: All of our Novice drivers get one on one, in car instruction for the duration of the day with one of our highly qualified driving instructors. While some​ novice drivers are ready to go solo after only a couple of sessions, other drivers prefer to have an instructor in the right seat for the entire day. Your progression will be monitored by your instructor and the proper recommendations will be made. The comfort of our drivers is our highest priority.

COVID-19 CHANGES - For 2022, we have moved back to in-car instruction.  "Masks up, windows down". We ask that you wear a mask while in the vehicle with your instructor and maintain proper distance to ensure the safety of those around you. If you would like to sign up for novice, but are uncomfortable with in-car instruction, reach out to us about the possibility of lead / follow instruction. 

Q: What kind of cars are welcome at CGI Motorsports events?

A:  Any safe, well maintained car is acceptable. We have anything from the family car to Ferrari's at our events. Trucks and SUVs are welcome on a case by case basis, just give us a call to discuss prior to registering for an event. Open wheel cars are not generally allowed. If you have an open wheel car and are looking for track time, please call us to discuss possible options.

​Q:  Are passengers allowed to ride along?

A:  Passengers are allowed to ride along with Advanced drivers only. CGI Instructors are always willing to give rides to guests as well, just ask! All passengers must sign all necessary waivers and have an approved helmet and closed toe shoes.

Q: Are convertibles allowed?

A:  Convertibles are allowed provided they have factory or aftermarket installed roll protection. If no roll protection is present, the top must be up in order to participate.

Q:  What are the rules on sharing a car?

​A:  If both drivers are running in the same run group, the cost is $100 for the additional driver (1 full price + $100). This applies to Advance and Intermediate only. Sharing a car in the Novice group is not permitted.  If you are running one car in 2 separate run groups, i.e., novice and advance, full price for each driver applies. 

Q:  What if I can't make it on the day that I registered? Do you offer refunds?

 A: We do not offer refunds, however, in the off chance that you are not able to make it out on your scheduled day, we can issue you an account credit. There will be a $50.00 administration/processing fee for this service anytime prior to (2) weeks before the event. If a reschedule is requested during the 2 weeks leading up to the event, a $100 fee will apply. You can request a credit by sending us an email ASAP.

Q:  What happens if it rains?

A:  We love the rain! In fact, our ideal instruction day would be a wet track in the morning and a dry track in the afternoon. You will learn a TON of car control in a safe environment while having a splashing good time. Yes, we run in the rain, however, if there is any lightning in the area, the track may shut down for the safety of the workers until the lightning has left the area.

Q:  When I try to register for Novice, it takes me to a wait list. What does this mean?

A: If you try to register for novice and it asks you to join the wait list, that means that we have no instructors available at this time. When you join the wait list, you will be sent an email if and when spots open up.  DO NOT register for a different run group if yours is full. Anyone who tries to run in a group that they clearly are not experienced enough to run in, will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given. This is a safety concern and we will not tolerate any unsafe drivers. ​​


Chicago, Illinois, United States


Q: What are the requirements for participating in a CGI Motorsports high performance driving event?

​A:  Drivers must be 18 years of age or older. Younger drivers are allowed with a parent present and the proper waivers signed. All drivers must have closed toe shoes and a helmet. Helmets are available to rent at the track, however, they are available on a first come, first served basis and only a limited number are available. Please call the track to inquire about rental helmet availability.

Q: What can I expect as a Novice driver?​​e.