• I have little or no track experience (Drag racing, street racing, autocross, circle track etc., does not qualify).


  • I have participated in a CGI event with an instructor but have not been approved to run solo.


  • I have participated in a CGI event and have been approved to run solo but I still feel more comfortable with an instructor.


  • I have previously been approved to run solo by a CGI instructor but I want to remain in the novice group at this time to improve my driving skills. Please note: you will be required to run at a pace appropriate for the Novice group.


  • I am an experienced driver, however, I want to test my equipment at a reduced pace. Please note: You will be required to adhere to track etiquette appropriate for the Novice group. 


  • I have multiple track events


  • I understand and am able to drive the qualifying/racing line


  • I have good passing skills, understand and practice HPDE track etiquette


  • I generally don't drive my car at 10/10ths


  • I maintain total awareness of my surroundings at all times


  • I have a significant amount of track experience at various tracks


  • I have all of the qualifications mentioned in Novice, Novice Solo and Intermediate groups


  • I have the ability to control my car at 10/10ths in all sections of the track


  • My lap times are consistent and my driving is predictable 


  • I'm comfortable being on a track with advanced drivers

  • My car is comfortable in an advanced environment ​

Run Group Descriptions 

CGI Motorsports

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